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Where healing begins, love transcends.


Our Story

In response to COVID-19, Insurance is covering telehealth or online counseling services. 

Restorative Health & Life's mission is to empower individuals and communities to restore their minds, bodies and soul. Restorative is committed to taking a holistic approach towards treatment. Restorative's staff focuses on the entire health of a person; mental, physical and spiritual.

Restorative Health & Life's vision is to assist all people in the World with becoming mind, body and spiritually healthy. Restorative Health & Life is driven to promote lifestyle choices that creates positive lifestyle health.

Therapy Session

...becoming mind, body and spiritually healthy 

We encourage everyone to embrace and value their whole health via our 5 restoration elements for health & life


We provide a safe environment and caring staff.


We assist with identifying our client's current state of mind.


We assist with identifying the mindset that conflicts with our client's overarching goal.


We co-create a plan with our clients and are attentive to ensuring our client is effectively and efficiently accomplishing their goals.


We provide on-going whole health support.

Are you a blended family?

Happy Family

In today's society, blended families have become the normalized family structure. A blended family structure varies from our traditional view of blended; parent, child(ren), step-parent into a more complex system than previously exemplified in families. In our research and experience, blended families vary more greatly than one can imagine. A blended family can consist of grandparent caregivers, kinship caregivers (siblings, aunts, uncles & cousins), step-parents, foster parents, adoptive parents, multi-cultural families, etc. The traditional home with biological parents and biological children is no longer the norm. RBH recognizes and understands the stress caused on all involved in the blended family group which is why this program was cultivated.


RBH's goal is to help blended families foster positive relationships, structure, communication skills and expectations. Additionally, RBH will focus on teaching the various ways people express love. Families will learn to collaborate efficiently while discovering new ways to love and co exist with one another.                       


RBH's staff looks forward to offering the blended family workshops and groups to the community.

Our Specialties

Holistic Health, Nutrition and Fitness Improvement, Spiritual Healing, Mental Health Disorders, Attention Disorders, Behavioral Disorders, Substance Use Conditions, Relationship/Family Concerns, Trauma, Esteem Building, Crisis Intervention, Play Counseling and Gender/Sexuality issues. 

Monday - Friday 11:00 - 18:30

Saturday 11:00 - 17:00

Sunday 12:30 - 16:30 



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health & life

5135 Camino Al Norte, Ste. 262

North Las Vegas, NV 89031

Tel. (702) 853-6727

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