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WORD FROM THE CEO - December Newsletter

As we draw near the end of 2021. I want to take some time to reflect on the year that will soon be behind us. As I sit and reflect, the words that come to mind are, ADAPTING and APPRECIATION.

ADAPTING came to mind first because many of us are adapting to our new ways of living, our new ways of working and our new ways of celebrating. Since COVID, the world has changed, the ways in which we do things have changed and the ways in which we see life has changed. In many ways, I see that our values have changed and for many of us, what we value has matured.

APPRECIATION came to me next because since 2020, we’ve had to learn to appreciate the small affordability’s that we have that we may have overlooked once before. We’ve learned to appreciate our loved ones and appreciate the time we can spend with them. We’ve learned to appreciate our health, friends, employment, income, availability of supply, our homes, and our freedom to move as we please. And honestly, that’s what the Christmas season is all about.

The Christmas season is about remembering the great purpose of life, being appreciative of the basic needs in life and the people we have to share life with. In the Christmas season, we cheerfully give, we are in service to those in need and we make amends, we tend to forget offenses because we choose to see the better parts of life.

I hope that you have something to be grateful for and something that propels you to keep persevering. You have purpose! Your life is valued! You are awesome! You are courageous! You are a conqueror! Strength resides in you!

With love and appreciation for you and your family. With love and appreciation for your trust of the Restorative services. With love and appreciation for your business. From me and the entire Restorative Team, we wish you the most Joyous 2021 Holiday Season.

Brittney Collins Jefferson, LCSW, LCADCI

CEO & Founder

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