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Impulse Control Group

Regain Control of Your Life


Being unable to control your emotions, desires, or impulses can lead to real consequences such as imprisonment or even loosing those you care about.

How our program works:


Our Impulse Control class is eight hours long and is broken down into 1 hour sessions over eight weeks. 

Your first step in controlling your impulses is to make the commitment to attend all 8 sessions. 


Learn from our expert how the mind works and identify your impulses and how they are triggered. 

The more we learn about ourselves the more control we gain.

Take Action

The course is only the beginning of taking back your control. Our expert is here to help you make an action plan. 

This course will be the start to your own personal commitment to make a change.

Get Certified

After you successfully complete our course, your certificate will be made available immediately. 

Please contact us if you need to start as early as possible or have a strict deadline so that we can best accommodate your need

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Presented by
Roxana Monivais-Dominguez CADC-I

I am originally from Mexico City. I love psychology and education. I specialize in addictions and have been fortunate to have successful sobriety stories. 
5 years ago, life led me to become seriously interested in "neurofeedback" when my father suffered a stroke. I become a Neurofeedback technician, that is a highly effective therapy that helps retrain your brain and strengthen the behaviors that need to be reinforced. Seeing the effective changes in my father during and after therapy led me to specialize in neurofeedback and help more people achieve impressive results. I am passionate about human behavior, the brain, and its infinite powers.

Take Back Control

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I want to join the Impulse Control Group, Sign me up!

Are you an existing client with Restorative Health & Life?
Are you mandated by court or a parol officer to take these classes?



$35/class due in two payments of $140.00.

  • 1st payment due before attending 1st class.

  • 2nd payment due before attending 5th class.

Enrollment Schedule for 2021 Term I:

  • 8/25 - Registration Deadline and first payment due

  • 8/25 - First class at 5:30 PM PST

  • 9/08 – Late registration deadline by 5:00 PM PST.

  • 9/09 - Enrollment for next term begins.

  • 9/22 - 5th class, second payment due by 5:00 PM PST.

  • 10/13 - Last class.


If you register late for the term, you will be able to make up your missed classes and the first payment will be due prior to your first makeup class. Your second payment will be collected prior to the start of the 5th class. 

Your enrollment request has been submitted!


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